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Save the day with a smile! Let's go, Miracle Pretty Cure!

Let's Go Miracle PreCure is a magical girl fanmade series created by Moon Ice Dream. The series is inspired by the Pretty Cure franchise by Izumi Todo and Toei Animation.


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Ever since she was little, Aileen had admired superheroes. But a tragic accident caused her to believe they don't exist in real life. Now, she is a introvert who loves to help others. One day, Aileen and her best friend Hannah were helping Hannah's dad with his food truck, Penguin House. Around there, they meet a unicorn fairy named Charon. Charon begs them to help her find the PreCure to save the Fairy Kingdom and the RareRealm, the human world, from the Demon King. Hannah agrees to fight the demons as Cure Hope, along with Cure Faith, Cure Courage, Cure Harmony, and Cure Love. Will the Precure be able to save the world despite being oblivious to the growing storm right beside them before it's too late?

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